Did you hear about the Morgans? by Marc Lawrence

Did you hear about the Morgans? by Marc Lawrence

Watched on: Jan 17th, 2010.

@: Fame, Andheri.

With: A BMS Friend.

The movie is about a man and a woman in their mid-30s [that’s how they looked like] who were separated/ divorced. The man wanted to start all over again with the woman and so he is persistent for the same, all through the movie, even when they were sent to a country side as a part of their protection coz they happened to see a murder and the murderer.

So this murderer is a pro and they had to leave New York and its lifestyle to live with a happily married cowboy kindda couple [in their early 50s] in a really small town… almost like a village. This elderly couple was basically to protect them while they were with them.

They get time to talk, learn from this couple and learn and do many things which they never got to do in their busy life back in NY. End of it, they realize each other’s importance in each other’s life… forgive each other for the previous misdeeds and move on in life… ofcourse in NY after the murderer was caught.

Not a lot of comedy and the movie was an average for me… decent acting, just to survive story and the whole look was fine… nothing great. The name of the movie is also just put up with nothing much to do with it.


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